Pre-Class Evaluation

This is a chance for you to come get to know me and me to get to know you and your four legged friend. Allowing me to recommend the best course of classes to take. This evaluation is a private session and on sight at the training facility. I will also take the time to answer questions you may have and give you some tips and tricks to get you through till your first day of class.

Cost: $60

SPECIAL OFFER!! If signing up for a class after this session we will take $5 off your next class registration!

Private Consults and Training Programs

If group classes are not for you or you feel your dog needs more one on one then this is the right track for you. We offer an initial consult, and from there set a training program. We offer many packages for any training plan. I will do a private consult, to help through the situations that are a struggle. With your goals in mind we can set up a plan to accomplish those goals with a well thought out training plan and time frame!

Private Consults

Initial consult: in-home consult: $140 (approximately 1.5 hours), includes evaluation and first steps in the training program to work on. $90 for additional sessions (1 hour). 

Private Facility consults $90, includes evaluation and first steps in the training program and a training plan, $70 for additional sessions (1 hour).

Training Programs: Many packages are available to fit your unique needs. We offer programs from 3 sessions up to 8 sessions. Price varies per a package.

Day School

So you want your dog to learn some manners, and skills. Maybe just want your dog to get out for the day while your at work, appointments, or meetings all day. Have errands to run or be out of town for the day and just do not want to have your dog stuck in the house all day. Can not get into a daycare as they want multiple day commitments, or want your dog to learn some manners or tricks, agility, retriever or pointer hunting while being somewhere for the day. This is the program for you! We will take your dog for the day and do training sessions along with some play time through out the day. We can do pick up and drop of within a 30 mile radius of our facility! Spots are limited! Please contact us to schedule a consult!

Cost: $90/day for a 1-2 hour window, depending on need. Includes broken up training sessions, play time, and one on one attention with trainers. A great alternative to daycare when training or structured work is needed. 

Pre-Puppy/Puppy Picking Consult

Looking to get a puppy but do not know where to start, what to look for, questions to ask. That is what this service is for. Whether it is to meet and get what you need to start your process. Or if you want me to help you all the way to help with the puppy picking process! Along with setting up your house and getting the right equipment and first training tips before the puppy even comes home! Along with one private session a few weeks after puppy comes home to help you along with any challenges or keep improving on the skills your already teaching! This is that option for you!

Can Include any of these options below:

Pre-consult before puppy comes home

Puppy picking evaluation (extra may be added depending on puppy location)

Private consult at home a few week after puppy has been home. 

(**these can be combined together or just one of the options. Please contact for pricing!)

Service Area

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