Classes we offer

Our classes are for all dog/handler teams, whether you just want something fun and constructive to teach your dog or if you want to compete. One of my main reasons of starting Inspire K-9's Training Center was to bring fun, constructive, classes so that dogs work in a focused way rather than a destructive/distractive way. While also allowing you to develop a bond with your dog and developing your human/k-9 team! The main goal of the classes is to prepare you and your dog to be in a public setting, politely, safely, and confidently for both you and your dog. We notice that is the major problem with dogs living our world currently! With all of our classes we want to strive for a well social, polite, focused dog you can bring most places with you in public settings. We try to meet all dog/handler team needs. This list is subject to change and classes may be added periodically as we fill the need for all pet parents in all areas. We also will add classes and change where needed!

Puppy Class

For puppies 3 months-6 months. We do not do puppy socialization in this class as our mission in our training is to allow you to be the best thing in your puppies world. Allowing your puppy to focus on you in high distraction environments!

We will work on:  Puppy chewing, Human nipping, Sit, Down, Stay, Touch, Focus, go to place, collar grab and leash, wait, coming when called, start of leash walking

Level 1 Manners

For dogs 7 months and older. This class is to get a jump start on the basic manners with minor level of distractions, along with enhancing the skills gained in puppy class!

We will cover: Focus, Go to Place, Sit & Down, Stay & Wait, Recall, Walking nicely on a leash, Leave it, Self Control, and other life skills with minor distractions.

Level 2 Manners

For dogs 7 months and older who have taken level 1 and are ready to add in many distractions, distance, and duration. Also for any dogs that have the basics and are ready for more of a challenge. Must talk to Megan to be approved to skip level 1. 

We will cover:  Distance, Duration, and Distraction. Fading out lures and treats, Greeting people with and without dogs nicely, and Ignoring other dogs in close proximity. More advanced loose leash walking,  stays, and come when called. We will go out and about to different locations to practice the last two classes of this class

Level 3 Manners

This class is to tie it all together and add in the challenges of real life walks in downtown Alton. This will put all our training and our dog/handler teams to the test. Spots are limited so this is on a first come first serve bases class. Must of taken Level 2 and approved by Megan to move on to this level for the best success!

We will cover: Proofing all commands already learned so they are concrete! This class will also meet at different location to practice polite greeting, walking within society, etc. We will meet at locations such as Alton bay, downtown Wolfeboro, Home Depot, and other locations. This is also the class that will work towards getting a CGC title and a Trick Dog title. 

Agility Intro, Intermediate, Advance & Continuing

These classes are to start or continue the fun on a agility course. The Intro level is a fun class that strives to introduce to surfaces, and basic obstacles that are used within an agility course. This class also develops the concept body awareness and handling techniques. While building your dogs confidence with all the equipment.  

Intermediate class works on developing skills with basic courses. So you and your dog can strengthen the obstacles learned in Intro and combine them together in a course. It also establishes an understanding of handling a dog through a course using your body language.The goal is to Establish a team trust on the course and develop confidence with course work.

Advance incorporates more of the advanced contact obstacles such a the dog walk, A Frame, and Teeter. Working to apply them to a more complicated course. With the goal to strengthen the skills learned in Intro and Intermediate classes and develop confidence on the more challenging contact obstacles.

Continuing allows you to continue having fun with all the obstacles learned. It allows you and your dog to develop and strengthening the skill set gained. While working with more challenging course.

 Each level adds more of a challenge as you increase your teams skills. Just another thing to apply fun to training while making your dog think and work and building trust within your dog and handler team.! 

Other Fun Drop In's and Workshops


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Reactive Dog Class

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