We strive to build the human and K-9 team on a strong foundation of trust and bond!

Our mission is to help you develop a trusting, and loving team between yourself and your dog. We use methods based on the up-to-date science in canine training. We aim to build on the trust  and the faith our four legged friends have in us to develop a strong, healthy foundation. We feel that this is the best way to set up a future of strong, confident, and amazing K-9 teams. 

We educate humans to educate their dogs. Our method of training is always driven by our statement of "Two Feet, Four Paws, One Team"  This is offered through private lessons, classes, workshops, and seminars. We are excited to bring this method to other pet parents and to work with you and your pup!

Puppy and Adult Obedience Classes

These classes are made to develop a skill set that all K-9 teams need. The classes start at puppy kindergarten and go up to adult manners. They are designed to provide fun, appropriate methods to help make a good human/dog companionship. With the goal to have a well trained dog you can take with you in public and they are good canine citizens.  Having a well behaved dog in public is the main goal for all our classes!

Specialized fun/competitive classes

Here at Inspire K-9's we also like to offer classes for teams that want to further challenge their teams. Along with providing owners with something other than "obedience" classes. Allowing them to train for fun or get ready for competitive trialing. We offer rally, agility, CGC, retriever, trick, nosework, Human Scent Tracking, weight pulling and obedience classes. 

Pet Love

Private Lessons, Day Training, & Manners Sessions

Taken your puppy classes, or manners classes however still feel like you need a little extra one on one? How about you have a dog that wont do well in a public setting and needs help building up to that while learning manners at the same time? Find it difficult for you to learn how to train your dog and teach your dog that training at the same time? 

Well Private sessions, Day training sessions, and Manners session may be your answer! We come to you to help with any issues at home while always building up to the behavior goals you have for yourself and you four legged family member!

Interested in learning more? Give us a call, add us on facebook, or send us an email! We can not wait to meet you and have you become part of the Inspire K-9 Teams!

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